What You Should Know About Compounded ED and PE Medications!

Compounding Pharmacies vs. Chain Pharmacies

Chain pharmacies, such as Walgreens and CVS, are trained in top grade pharmacist programs to deliver the prescriptions written by your doctor. This is just like a compound pharmacist, who has completed the same training, and can also fill your prescription. The difference lies in the additional training which a compound pharmacist receives. Following the initial classroom and practical elements of training, individuals who want to learn how to properly mix their own medications must continue on with their education.

When you walk into a chain pharmacy and supply the pharmacist with your prescription, you can only hope to receive the brands and dosage available behind the counter. If tablets only come in 100mg, but you need 70mg, you may need to choose another brand. Your chain pharmacist is unable to create the prescription in different sized tablets, or change the state of the drug to better suit the needs of the patient. When you purchase your prescription through a compound pharmacy, you can receive a drug which has been customized to your physical needs. Your pharmacist now has the ability to create a 70mg pill just for you, whether the standard tablets usually come in this form or not.

Not all men are able to take a dose of medication which is provided in a solid state, this could be due to other medical factors, or age. Compound pharmacy makes it possible to manufacture what’s called Troches, Sublingual Lozenges which goes down easily as well as capsules and/or tablets. Similarly, some medicines have a foul taste to them which make them difficult to take, and could even cause a patient to avoid taking the drug as prescribed. Fortunately, the taste of medicine can be altered for easier consumption. These helpful changes may seem minimal, but they can make a world of difference, especially if a prescription will be taken long term.

The differences between conventional pharmacies and compound pharmacies don’t stop at the ability to alter the ingredients in your medication, you will also find that purchasing products such as Sildenafil Citrate (compare to Viagra) or Tadalafil Citrate (Compare to Cialis) or even Vardenafil HCL (Compare to Levitra) Tablets is far less costly through a compound pharmacist. In fact, studies show that consumers have the opportunity to save up to 95% on prescriptions when they are filled by a specialist in the field of compound pharmaceuticals vs. your standard chain pharmacy. This is an incredible saving, especially if you take the medication regularly.

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