Benefits of An Online Doctor Consultation with a Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding is not necessarily a new concept; in fact, it was the widely used method of producing, formulating and manufacturing of medications before the mass production of medications and distribution by chain pharmacies became common practice. In recent years, this age old practice has been reinitiated to customize medication and pass along huge savings to the individual patient. When it comes to Erectile Dysfunction, not every man has the same genetic makeup, so it makes perfect sense that not every man will find success with the same mixture of medications.

With the help of specialty compounded products, vast improvements have been seen in the health care and pharmaceutical industry, particularly in cases of Erectile Dysfunction. Compounding pharmacies for Men’s Sexual Health makes it easy to feel like yourself again without the embarrassing conversation with a stranger in a chain pharmacy. The commonality of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation has grown in the past two decades, especially in men over the age of 40, but also younger men for several reasons, and that’s why we created The benefits of providing an online doctor consultation website along with making a recommendation for ED medication for patients through a compounding pharmacy is:

  1. COST SAVINGS - One of the most attractive features of compounded pharmaceuticals, especially when it comes to ED medications, is the cost factor. With Erectile Dysfunction medications from the large scale manufacturers of ED medications costing upwards of between $50-$60/pill, you can get the same exact compounded medication with the same exact ingredient(s) for 65-90% cheaper per pill ($6-$15/pill) depending upon the milligram dosage and the ingredients (Sildenafil Citrate/Compare to Viagra, Tadalifil Citrate/Compare to Cialis), and you wonder why more and more men are resorting to compounded medications for their Male Sexual Health. The other nice thing is that receiving an online Doctor Consultation through is much cheaper and convenient than even using your insurance.

  2. PRIVACY- for the male patient who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, going to the doctor (especially a clinic that specializes in ED and PE) can be and embarrassing experience, especially if confronted with a female receptionist or nurse who is working in the clinic or sitting in a waiting room amongst other men who are challenged with this condition (especially if they are friends, co-workers or relatives). Discreet online services can boost your confidence and keep your private issues private.

  3. CUSTOMIZED MEDICATIONS- with compounded Erectile Dysfunction medications, you will get these medications in their purest and freshest form in order to minimize side effects and maximize results delivered right to your door step. In the world of pharmaceuticals, this can mean both adding and removing individual chemicals and elements from various medications as they are created. The reason behind this customization of each drug is to provide better treatment of the individual symptoms occurring, rather than create a single cure-all which targets multiple issues in the hopes of hitting the right marker with one or more of the ingredients in the medication.

  4. MORE OPTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY WITH COMPOUNDED MEDICATIONS- With compounded medications you have more options as to the form (i.e. Capsules, Tablets, Troches/Lozenges, Nasal Spray as well as Milligram Dosage) and dosage that you can take the medication, which helps tremendously with Bioavilability (Body’s ability to breakdown and utilize the medication in order to work faster or slower). Also, when treating for Erectile Dysfunction, for example, a man doesn’t necessarily require all the same ingredients. Male Sexual Health medications that are used to treat ED or PE sometimes have similar bases and are often compounded to include additional ingredients depending on which physical symptoms are being treated at the time. This offers the flexibility of different ingredient combinations that target the ailment (ED and/or PE) (CLICK HERE for What You Should Know About ED and PE Medications)

  5. CONVENIENCE - Due to the recently high demand for compounded medications for ED and PE, many medical specialist (Physicians) have made their services available for patients through the internet via telephone and “Face-To-Face” consultations using video, all from the comfort of the patient's home. For the patients who qualify for a consult for ED or PE medications, they can order their medications for ED and PE based on milligram dosage and ingredients, have their consult with an online doctor and have their medication(s) shipped to their front door within 24-48 hours (CLICK HERE for Products and Services). There is no need to pass strangers or colleagues in the hopes of going unnoticed as you fill your prescription. Instead, you can sip a beverage on the couch at home, watch your favorite show on television, consult with a doctor, get your prescription filled and mailed to you with the click of a mouse, without anybody realizing what condition you are currently coping with.

  6. SAFE AND SECURE - Another benefit of an Online Medical Consultation is that it is safe and secure. You know that you are receiving a legitimate consultation from a U.S. Licensed Doctor and receiving a “real” and “legitimate” prescription from a U.S. Licensed and FDA approved compounding pharmacy unlike websites that are not legitimate offering ED and PE medications from overseas pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. You can also be sure that your personal and health information is Safe, Secure and Private on our HIPAA Compliant Server.

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