Mens-Focus.com is an Online Doctor Consultation website created by men-for-men and focusing on Male Sexual Health, particularly for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

Because Mens-Focus.com is an online medical consultation website that focuses mainly on male sexual health issues (particularly Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation), men who suffer with these conditions can obtain an online medical consultation from a U.S. Licensed Physician as well as a recommendation for ED medication.

Mens-Focus.com has created an easy 6 step Process

    1. Go to www.Mens-Focus.com
    2. Create an Account with a Password and Username for FREE on our HIPAA Compliant Secure Server.
    3. Make Pre-Payment for Your Consultation.
    4. Fill Out a detailed Health and Medical History Questionnaire.
    5. Wait 20-120 minutes for a physician to call.
    6. Physician Will Consult with You Via Telephone

Cost Savings: With the cost of ED medications upwards into the $50-$60/Pill price range, you can get the very same compounded medication for $6-$12/pill or capsule Troche/Lozenge.

Privacy: Because you receive an Online Doctor Consultation in the privacy of your home, there is no embarrassing office visit where you risk being confronted by a female receptionist like you would in an office or where you may encounter a friend or co-worker.

Customized Medication:
With compounded medication you can be sure that you will receive the purest and freshest medication tailored in the perfect milligram dose for the maximum bio-availability delivered right to your door.  

Due to the high demand for ED and PE medications, many medical specialist (Physicians) have made their service available as a convenience for patients through the internet via telephone (Telemedicine) using “Face-To-Face” video from the comfort of the patient's home while utilizing compounding pharmacies for medication.

Safe and Secure:
knowing that when you come to Mens-Focus.com for an Online Doctor Consultation for ED, you can be sure that you are receiving a legitimate consultation from a U.S. Licensed doctor.

No, unfortunately we limit our services for Mens-Focus.com to men over 30 years of age due to the nature of the service and the restrictions that are placed on the specific use of the medication for males (for obvious reasons). Therefore, all medical conditions and consultations need to be addressed directly with a male patient/client. Sorry Ladies!

Yes, you must be 30 years old and over; anyone who is younger than 30 years old is advised to see a medical specialist (i.e. Urologist, Endocrinologist, Cardiologist, Internal Medicine specialist or their family practitioner in order to be evaluated for any underlying and/or preexisting medical conditions that may be causing their Erectile Dysfunction.

No. Unfortunately, because most, if not all, insurance companies do not accept health insurance for ED and PE related issues, we do not accept health insurance as well.

The actual online doctors consultation is $99 for the initial consultation and $79 for established (follow-up) consultations/patient’s.

If you come to the website and prepay you can come back every 1-3 months.

Because the compounding pharmacies that specialize in Men’s Sexual Health medication do not have to bare the cost of Research and Development, nor pay the high salaries to pharmaceutical reps who then sell it to doctors and chain pharmacies. In other words, the compounding pharmacy is a direct source for these medications and they cut out the “Middle” man and pass the savings on to the patient. It would be like buying a brand new pair of popular sneakers or a brand new car directly from the manufacturer without having to go to a store or car lot to purchase those items!

No, unfortunately not at this time. However, we highly recommend that you establish an office based doctor to treat these conditions and that you follow up with the appropriate and necessary laboratory work for these conditions.

No, but we require, through an upload feature, that you provide any records (i.e. Labs, EKG, notes and etc) related to ED or any other medical condition that you may have prior to an online consult for ED from Mens-Focus.com.

Mens-Focus.com takes every online security measure to protect personal information exchanged between you and Mens-Focus.com on the internet, including the use of a secure dedicated server with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology as well as a secure Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) server and Personal Health Information (PHI) Laws.

It varies from 20-120 minutes, depending upon how busy our physicians get with other patients.

No, absolutely not. All of these medications are used for ailments that require narcotics and/or controlled substances and are considered 100% illegal to obtain on the internet, and are strictly enforced (with good reason) by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

is an Online Doctor Consultation website created by men-for-men and focusing on Male Sexual Health, particularly for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

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