What are Troches/Lozenges?

A Troche is a Lozenge, the word Troche gets its name from the Greek word “Wheel” which describes the round or disc shape of a troche/lozenge. Troche’ are not designed to be swallowed or chewed but to be placed under the tongue or between the cheek or gums in order for the medication to dissolve slowly. Troches are intentionally formulated the way they are because the medication in a troche cannot be ingested or swallowed because the digestive juices in the stomach will damage or compromise the medication. The active ingredient and/or medication in the troche seeps through the porous mucus membrane in the mouth and enters the bloodstream immediately and allows for the rapid delivery of the medication for optimal and maximum absorption.

Troches/Lozenges are not available through chain pharmacies (i.e. Krogers, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, or Publix) but are formulated by FDA approved and licensed compounding pharmacies because they come in a round soft disk and they have to be specially formulated and mailed to the patient by the compounding pharmacy via refrigerated shipping overnight which can cost around $30 total but its worth it because medications that come in a Troche are custom formulas and are fresh. An example of a compounded Troche would be a formula with Sildenafil Citrate/Oxytocin all in one Troche Lozenge which would help with Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

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